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A Turtle's Guide to Introversion

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A Turtle's Guide to Introversion is a delightful illustrated gift book that celebrates the wonderful qualities of introverts through the everyday adventures of a turtle.

Being an introvert comes with numerous advantages and the occasional woe, and no animal knows that better than the humble turtle hiding in its shell. This book celebrates introverts and their many wonderful, often-underrated qualities.

The story is narrated by a lovable turtle who finds socializing tiring, prefers alone time, and recharges through solitude. Each spread features 2-color illustrations of Turtle navigating life alongside a cast of pudgy animal friends. Self-identified introverts, art and comics enthusiasts will love the spare yet resonant text, adorable narrator, and delightful illustrations. This uplifting novelty book is a cute collectible or a sweet anytime gift for a friend.

  • BESTSELLING BOOK SERIES: Author Ton Mak delivers all the same ingredients as her bestselling book A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness with a new (adorable) animal protagonist you'll instantly love.
  • INTROVERTS DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED: Introverts are having a moment (separately, each one on their own). People are preferring to stay in rather than go out and this book makes it ok to need some alone time.

Perfect for:

  • Introverts, and Extroverts who are secretly Introverts.
  • People who like turtles.
  • Fans of quirky comics in the style of Gemma Correll, Jomny Sun, and Yumi Sakugawa.

About the Author

Ton Mak is a visual artist who splits her time between Shanghai and San Francisco. She is the author of A Sloth's Guide to Mindfulness and has collaborated with brands like Lamborghini, Adidas, Vans, Moleskine, Gucci, and Swiss Air.

Authors: Ton Mak
ISBN: 9781797202037
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 120
Dimensions: 15.88 x 15.88  x 1.91(cm)

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