City of Horror Board Game
City of Horror Board Game

City of Horror Board Game

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City of Horror - Board Game

City of Horror is a game of shifting alliances and the terrifying struggle to survive in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Three to six players control individual groups of humans faced with a zombie invasion. The struggle against the dead is important, but the survival of your own characters is vital to victory. To win, you'll have to make alliances, but also betray your companions. Each game is played over the course of four rounds, with each round representing one hour of time before the rescue helicopter arrives to save you. Like the best zombie movies, the true danger in City of Horror isn't the zombies outside—it's the people you're trapped inside with!

Ages 14 years+

3 to 6 players

Duration: 60 minutes


  • Rules
  • Seven double-sided site tiles
  • Three road tiles and water tower area
  • One 3-D water tower
  • 22 character cards and tokens
  • 40 zombie tokens
  • 70 colored stands
  • 96 movement cards
  • 45 tokens


Area Movement/ Simultaneous Action/ Section/ Voting

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