ECO - Coco Koala Grey Plush - 23 cm - Mu Shop
ECO - Coco Koala Grey Plush - 23 cm - Mu Shop

ECO - Coco Koala Grey Plush - 23 cm

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The WWF Plush Collection is a wide range of super-soft plush toys, especially designed for the World Wide Fund for nature - WWF.

WWF Plush Collection consists of the 'Classic Collection' and the 'Cub Club Collection'. They are sold in over 50 countries around the world, which now includes Australia and New Zealand!

All WWF plush items are eco-friendly and stuffed with a 100% PET bottle filling and have a super soft exterior. Designed to introduce the concept of environmental responsibility to little ones, this range aims to do its part in ensuring nature is preserved for generations to come.

For every plush sold, a donation is made to the local WWF office in order to support their conservation efforts.


  • 23cm approx
  • Suitable age 1 month up
  • Official Licensed product, CE certified
  • Made from: Exterior polyester, filling 100% recycled PET bottles
  • Care Instructions: Hand/surface washing with water not exceeding 30 degrees celsius.
  • By Buying a WWF plush toy you are making a donation to WWF

Did You know: Koala have distinct territories and often mark their territory with their own scent. Males use vocalizations and a scent gland on their chest to mark their areas.

Note: Remove labels before giving to children.

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