Kaosball: The Fantasy Sport of Total Domination Game
Kaosball: The Fantasy Sport of Total Domination Game
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Kaosball: The Fantasy Sport of Total Domination Game

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 Blood soaked grass is the telltale sign that a game of Kaosball has been played. From the bone crunching tackles, head smashing blocks, and outright murder of the other team to the fast paced passing and high scoring strategies, Kaosball is the ultimate sports fantasy game of total domination! Play as one of the great pop culture and fantasy themed teams in this crazy mix of football, rugby-style passing finesse, magic, bone crunching action and deadly area control scoring! Strategize using a mix of Action Cards, tactical positioning and the judicious use of fouls. Each game takes about an hour, making this perfect for league play over 1 or 2 game sessions - grow your teams as they pick up more special skills, ringers and cash as you vie for the ultimate prize in Kaosball: the Chalice!

  • There are multiple paths to winning, from straight up scoring to systematically and brutally taking out the other teams
  • Each player chooses a team, purchases team upgrades and drafts special ringer characters to help defeat their opponents. This pregame draft keeps every game of Kaosball exciting, unique and strategic. Using an inventive cash system, players choose how to invest their money, either buying upgrades and ringers early on or using that same cash to pay off refs so they can cheat during play.
  • If features four exciting teams with completely different abilities and auction-style draft to further customize them with powerful upgrades and spectacular ringer players

Kaosball-the brainchild of Eric Lang-is what happens when a unique fantasy world smashes headfirst into a bone-crunching sports game. Mixing king-of-the-hill style scoring with a brutal death match feel of classic FPSs, Kaosball is a game all about total domination through special team upgrades, ringers, and even a little cheating (if you have the cash to get away with it!) A unique pregame draft system ensures each game is different as you use your team's cash to edge out your opponent on the crossfield. Now hit the field and destroy everyone in your way, Kaosballers!

Age: 14-15 
Playing time: 60 min
2-4 players

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