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Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Mould

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Enjoy a nice Cool drink after enacting out your villainous schemes with this refreshing homage to the ultimate super weapon! Create a miniature death Star to cool down your drink for a fun and reusable Star Wars themed gift. Simply fill with water and freeze at home for the perfect evil ice cube.

Star Wars has been one of the most successful film franchises in cinema history since its original release in 1977, quickly becoming a defining moment in popular culture. The series has continued to win new generations of fans with each instalment, resulting in a global fan base of millions. From a new hope and return of the Jedi through the Phantom menace and attack of the clones, right up to more recent successes such as the force awakens and rogue one, Star Wars continues to reach new heights by introducing great new characters as well as focusing on old favourites. The death Star ice cube mould is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

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