WeWood Wooden Watch - Assunt Beige - Mu Shop
WeWood Wooden Watch - Assunt Beige - Mu Shop
WeWood Wooden Watch - Assunt Beige - Mu Shop
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WeWood Wooden Watch - Assunt Beige

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Subject: Men's
set contents: body, box, instruction manual, warranty card comes with instruction manual
case width: 45mm
Shipping Weight: 59 g
Manufacturer Model Number: 9818049
- Men's Watch
Brand Description: A watch brand that was born in Florence, Italy in 2010. it features a sophisticated eco-luxury design using
wood. Made of 100% wood based on the concept of
eco, the collection that decorates the arm with a unique texture of wood is a watch brand that attracts attention in Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world. the wood that has become a
material is a scrap of flooring. it is also an eco-friendly watch that makes effective use of materials that are no longer needed
we wood has also formed a tree planting partnership with environmental groups to return to the environment where each watch is purchased and planted.
already planted more than 350,000 trees, and has set a higher goal to protect the environment.
tree trees are going to clean up air and water, filter pollution, slow erosion and global warming, and provide habitat for wildlife.
these activities are based on the desire to maintain a balanced life of human beings by maintaining the health and happiness of forests.
MAPLE Beige... Maple wood is a beige wood collected in North America and China.
used to make musical instruments such as guitars and violins.
uses natural materials, so the texture and grain of wood varies depending on the product. In addition, because the material becomes wood
, please be careful about handling it because there is "Cracking and it is easy to be damaged" compared with the clock of the material such as stainless steel according to how to handle it.
material is made of wood, and because it is non-waterproof, please avoid using it in a watery environment.

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