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Cooked Aussies

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Oi! Mate! You got a fun drinking game for us? While there's beers flowing and snags burning, that's the best time to play the Cooked Aussies Card Game! Have fun, eat snags, get drunk, laugh at your there anything more Aussie than that?


  • Cooked Aussies Card Game
  • Types of cards included:
    • Drink: You've gotta be a drongo if you don’t know how
    • Vote: Flog the rascal to most likely match the card
    • Categories: Go 'round like a rissole and name stuff, if you repeat what old mate just said you drink and the dip shit who can’t come up with one loses 
    • Rule: Play each rule as it says, the rule ends when somebody breaks the rule and drinks but we'll leave it up to you how long you want each rule to last, she’ll be right
  • The great Aussie barbie drinking game
  • Separate the green cards from the yellows
  • Oldest player gets to be the Rules Master! 
  • Each round the rules master plays a green 'Rules' card and the other people play a yellow card
  • Ideal for as many players as you can stand 
  • Recommended for ages 18+ years


Ages: 18years+

4-8 players

Duration: 20-90 mins



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