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Tool Erasers

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If you're at the office and want something playful to erase your daydreaming doodles (or even work scribbles!), then these DIY tool erasers are just the tools for the job!

Where is a pencil eraser when you need one? With these sturdy DIY Tool Pencil Erasers that sit on the end of your pencil, you won't need to look anywhere since all the best tools are right there to help you do the job! Turn one pencil into a hammer, and the other into a chisel, and give your office colleagues a giggle. Or gift them to an office colleague on a special occasion! They're great fun for kids too.

Even a tradesperson needs an eraser for their pencil marks, so this is a great novelty gift for them. Like all the best novelty gifts, they give laughs and pleasure to the recipient.

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