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Fillyjonk Cleaning Moomin Mug

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Mrs. Fillyjonk is a very tidy and orderly person. She is obsessed with cleaning her house and is at her best when given the opportunity to organise a spring cleaning. Mrs. Fillyjonk has the uncanny ability to find any spots where dirt or dust might hide and, once uncovered, attacks the problem with a torrent of suds. One day, a psychiatrist arrives in Moominvalley and cures Mrs. Fillyjonk of her cleaning complex. As her house starts to get run down, Moominmamma decides to cure Fillyjonk in her own unique way. She fabricates a telegram and tasks Mrs. Fillyjonk's children with bringing the telegram to their mother. According to this telegram, a committee of ladies is coming to visit Mrs. Fillyjonk's house. With this simple ruse, Moominmamma is able to restore Mrs. Fillyjonk's passion for cleaning.

Capacity: 300ml

Height 8.1cm
Width 11.2cm
Material Ceramic
Washing Dishwasher safe
Oven Safe Yes

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