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yup! Pouch Olive Oil - Mu Shop
yup! Pouch Olive Oil - Mu Shop
yup! Pouch Olive Oil - Mu Shop

yup! Pouch Olive Oil

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Material Synthetic leather, synthetic leather badge embroidery and print
Size H23 x Diameter 6.5cm

"Yup!" is a casual slang expression for "yes".
We will develop familiar products that can be used casually in daily life, just like "yup!".
The humorous pop illustrations associated with food will brighten and enliven your life!

This unique series of pouches, created with attention to detail and featuring food packaging motifs, will make you want to eat them.

[MARUSHIN Co.,Ltd is involved in the Red Cup Campaign]
This product is part of the Red Cup Campaign.
What is the Red Cup Campaign?
This campaign aims to inform as many people as possible about this situation and to deliver school lunches to as many children as possible.
MARUSHIN Co.,Ltd will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of eligible products to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to be used to deliver school lunches.

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